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Flights to Nepal

With close proximity to China, India and the Himalaya Mountains, Nepal is fast becoming a popular retreat for travelers. In the past, the only people visiting the area were those trekking through the mountains on extreme vacations. Nepal launched a new tourism initiative as a way to get more visitors there and the program has helped make it a top travel destination especially for Aussies. When you visit Nepal now, you are just as likely to run into a celebrity booking a room at a spa or resort, as you are running into a hiker.

Before you even start thinking about the multiple historic sites and popular tourist attractions, you need to look at flights to Nepal. Several major airlines fly to this sovereign state, but you should compare each flight and pick the one that offers the best service and the fastest flight. Most flights do require a layover of some type because you cannot fly directly to Nepal on a single tank of fuel. Keep in mind that depending on where you leave from, you might find yourself flying halfway around the world.

Whether you travel alone, with your significant other or with children, layovers are a hassle. A short-term layover is an annoyance at best, but a longer layover might result in a completely separate vacation. The last thing you want on your vacation is to discover that your first flight lands in one country for 16 hours before heading off to Nepal for the final leg of your journey. Imagine being stuck in a foreign location, forced to find a hotel willing to put you up for a few hours before you get to your final destination. When you travel with kids that forced layover becomes an even bigger hassle.

Since the flights to Nepal are so long, make sure that you bring a few things to keep yourself entertained. A few magazines, a good book, some work or even a few travel board games keep you occupied on your flight. Kick back with a soft pillow, a good book and enjoy your trip. You might even find that you make friends with others traveling to Nepal for the same reasons that you do.